Village of Tarrytown Storm Sewer CIPP Lining

Location: Village of Tarrytown, NY
Project Completion Date: October 2018
Client: Village of Tarrytown
Carylon Operating Company: National Water Main Cleaning Co.
Services Performed: UV Cured-In-Place Lining

This project involved the rehabilitation of an existing storm sewer, consisting of approximately 620 linear feet of 36″ corrugated metal pipe, in Tarrytown, New York. Approximately 530 ft. of the 620 ft. ran along the side of and behind homeowner property. Our team overcame challenges ranging from difficult equipment set-up, various plugging/sandbagging of incoming flows and mainlines preparation prior to installation (trimming of jagged edges at the upstream/downstream manholes). The pipe was successfully lined and no additional leaks or infiltration occurred.