Pipeline Rehabilitation

Extending the useful life of your clean water pipeline infrastructure with pipe rehabilitation is a critical component of effective asset management. The National Water Main Cleaning team has deep expertise strengthening the pipe structure and repairing broken or leaking underground water lines.

Types of Pipeline Rehabilitation:

Fold and Form Lining

This process allows for in-place pipe rehabilitation without pipeline excavation. Fold and Form liners offer a flexible lining solution for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes.

  • Fold and Form liners are self-supporting and not bonded to the host pipe
  • Liners reduce risk during installation and have a smaller environmental footprint
  • Installation is a fairly simple process that involves using a winch to pull the liner through the existing host pipe from one pit to the other

Spray-On Lining

This service uses either a spray-on epoxy or pipe lining fabric soaked in epoxy to restore the potable water lines.

  • Can be used to reline large diameter pipes up to 60″
  • Does not require pipe excavation or above-ground street renovation